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NEWS for the WEEK of 05/14/15




 Hello Parents smiley

We are so happy our students have completed the FSA testing. We are confident our students have done their best. With this rigorous curriculum, the next few weeks, we will be reviewing all skills and concepts that we have learned in order to brush up and further prepare for the MIddle School experience.

Just another reminder that students must be studying additionally at home in order to be successful. Please support and encourage your child with good study habits. Students should be bringing home textbooks and notes taken in class on a regular basis in order to review for all tests. This is a skill that will need to carry over to the Middle School experience as well.

Please be sure your child is always reading! This increases fluency and comprehension across the entire curriculum. Students may use the READING COUNT point system as well as my BOOK REPORT system.

Reminder: Students are to fill out and get their PLANNERS signed each day, as this helps with organization skills and prepares students for the Middle School experience.

During the week of the 18th, We will be taking our final County VLT 4 test (Volusia Language Arts Test). The week of the 25th will be the final Science and Math County tests.

Reminder: June 2 is the 5th grade party and the last day of school, June 3, we have the AWARD ceremony.

Thanks. Have a great week.  :)

Mr. Hecht


"Don't Forget To Leave Good Footprints Behind ". smiley

Mr. Hecht



Hello and welcome to our fifth grade class. I want to welcome everyone to the 2014-2015 school year! This school year will be an exciting one for all of us! We have new and exciting things planned as we move forward into our new school year. smiley

In fifth grade, our primary focus will be in the subject areas of Math, Science, Writing and Reading. These are the areas that will be tested this year. FSA Test will replace FCAT for Reading and Math. However, Science FCAT testing will still be in place.)

Please have your child READ EVERY NIGHT for at least 30 minutes. Book Reports can be completed by using either READING COUNTS or my BOOK REPORT form. The more students read, the smarter they become! 

 PLANNERS need to be signed by parents everyday. Students are responsible for having these filled out and signed everyday. Our goal is to help students become better organized by using their PLANNERS. This will also better prepare students for the Middle School experience which is now only a year away!

 Fifth grade has a very demanding curriculum. Expectations are high, as we need to prepare students for the Middle School experience. That being said, students must develop strong study habits in order to be successful this year. We ask our parents to help students study for assessments by providing encouragement and extra help at home.

Grading will be calculated using TOTAL POINTS earned. Grading will be in three categories: Diagnostics (practice), Formatives (40%), and Summatives (60%).  

Remember our parents will have access to view the PINNACLE GRADE BOOK during the year.

On this website, I hope to provide some "helping hands" in order to pass along information that parents frequently ask questions about. Additionally, I'll provide the latest news concerning the happenings in our class which I'll update once a week up at the top. On a daily basis, I will update all the written class work and homework assignments. How's that for convenience?  smiley




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