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Kindergarten Folders

 Kindergarten Folders 

Your child will have two folders this year.  One is the DAILY FOLDER which will be sent home each day and will include the weekly overview and conduct sheet as well as daily papers and a short homework sheet Monday-Thursday.  Please check your child's daily folder every afternoon.  Please help your child complete the homework assignment and RETURN the following school day.  Please KEEP all daily papers completed at school--do not return these in your child's folder.  Thanks!

*Homework will begin on Monday, August 30th.  Remember all homework assignments are extra practice on the skills we are working on that week at school, so if you see your child is struggling with a particular skill you may want to spend a little extra time practicing that week!  Your help and involvement will make a HUGE difference!

The second folder is the RED FOLDER which will be sent home only on Tuesdays.  This folder will contain your child's test papers and important school notes/information.  Please look over your child's test papers and RETURN them in the red folder the following day (Wednesday).  Also, I ask that you sign on the enclosed sheet so I will know you saw your child's tests and notes.  Any school information, such as field trip notes, fundraisers, school activities, etc. will be sent home in this folder.  You may be asked to sign and return notes occasionally, so please be sure you check this folder weekly. 

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