Contributing to the Profession


Kahoot is a great resource for teachers of all grade levels! Kahoot generates a series of questions for students to answers with fun music, visuals, and a scoreboard. You can create or find content for any material you are teaching or assessing. Students can login individually or with a team. Teachers can use it as a game, quiz, review, introduction to a new topic, etc. One cool thing I love about Kahoot is that after your students complete a round of questions, you can download their responses on an easy to use Excel spreadsheet and target instruction to students who scored poorly or use their answers as a score for a quiz. My students are obsessed with Kahoot and cheer everytime I tell them we are going to use it!


2. Multiplication Minute
This is a resource I learned about through my master teacher, Lisa Topoleski, during my student teaching and created a digital version so I could share it with other third grade teachers online. Multiplication Minute is an alternative to a timed multiplication test. Each student has the recording sheet and fills in one column per day based on the numbers the teacher says aloud. There are 4 teacher sheets- one per day with the numbers jumbled so you can give the test out of order each day, as well as all the answers for quick grading based on whichever number each student is on. The students have about 10-15 seconds per number, but only have to focus on one number at a time instead of looking at a full page of problems. This way, students do not feel stressed or overwhelmed, but can focus on the strategies necessary to complete the problems one by one. I have students pass with 100% accuracy each fact, starting with 0, a total of 4 times before they can move on to the next number. Once they have passed through their 10's, each student has a celebration ceremony and their picture on the wall. My students cheer every time I tell them we are going to do Multiplication Minute and they are so excited to see if they passed the following day! This resource is available on my TPT store here:


3. Multiplication Strategies Mat
This is a resource I created this year for my students to represent multiplication in the several ways that are expected for them to know. I print one out for each student and put it in a sheet protector. Each student has a dry erase marker and a set of mini erasers from the Target dollar section. They write the multiplication sentence in the center of the mat, use the mini erasers to create an array and the equal groups, and fill in the rest with the dry erase marker. This is a really easy center idea as well as a great introduction to multiplication that helps students visualize what the multiplication sentence is and the different ways we can represent multiplication. You can grab this resource on my TPT store here: