Developing as a Professional Educator


  •  After reviewing my initial and final CSTP assessment, I have determined my areas of strength are Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments and Developing as a Professional Educator. I have attended many conferences this year that have helped me create an invigorating learning experience for my students and I have had fun sharing what I learned with my colleagues. I still have room to grow with Assessing Students for Learning. I'd like to grow in this area by finding innovative ways to assess my students before, during, and after instruction. I surprised myself this year by becoming more creative with technology and utilizing the students' chromebooks in innovative ways. For example, my students became experts at collaborating through Google Docs and creating presentations to share what they've learned with each other. 
  • I would like to start a creative writing club at school next year. I majored in creative writing in college and I wish we had enough time in the year to cultivate more creative writing with our students. I would like to incorporate different types of writing that may not be covered through the school year or in much depth. For example, I thought it would be fun to study poetry and write our own poetry. Then, to celebrate the students' writing and get them excited about writing we could invite the club families to the classroom for a Slam Poetry night where the students could share their own poems! This summer I am going to draft a proposal for my admin about why I feel a writing club is important and what the club would entail so that I could hit the ground running when the school year starts. I am so excited! 

  • I plan to stay connected in many ways throughout my career! Over the last two years I have grown an Instagram following on my teacher account to connect with educators all over the world. I gather ideas from other teachers as well as share the wonderful things happening at my school and in my classroom. I am excited to continue to find amazing ideas that will excite my students! I also enjoy going to conferences and learning new strategies and techniques that I can use in my classroom as well as share with others. I had the amazing opportunity to attend a unique conference at The Ron Clark Academy with a team from my district this school year to learn ways to excite and engage my students. I'm very interested in finding ways to encourage other teachers to incorporate the strategies we witnessed at RCA and help them "set the stage to engage" in their classrooms also!

  • Maintaining a balance between work and home life has been extremely important, yet challenging, for me these first two years of teaching. In trying to destress, I have found it incredibly helpful to regularly exercise as well as to surround myself with other teachers who inspire and uplift me. A group of new teachers get together regularly to have silly game nights and watch The Bachelor. It helps to share our common experiences and know that we are not alone when we have hard days and to celebrate each other with the awesome things we are doing in our classrooms, as well as spend time together doing something other than stuff for school!

  • For new teachers, my advice would be to remember that this job matters. Every single day. Itś going to get hard and you are going to have days where you are tired, or sick, or not feeling it. But you have to show up and give your students your very best effort. Because the future of the world depends on you showing up every single day full of enthusiasm, creative ideas to engage your students, and passion for teaching these young people with all your heart. You don´t have to be like the teacher next door, but whatever makes you ¨you¨, give that to your students. I would also highly recommend finding other teachers who are excited about teaching and kids, who want to share their ideas and hear yours, and who will lift you up and fill your world with positivity. Lastly, remember that kids who are loved at home come to school to learn and kids who are not come to school to be loved. The kid who gives you the hardest time is the one who needs your love most of all. Your classroom may be the only safe, happy place he has to go all day. 

  • "I love and appreciate Miss Romeo’s ability to create a positive, creative, and innovative learning environment for her students.  It is extremely evident that her students love coming to school and learning. The culture in her classroom is one of constant support not only from their teacher but from each other.  Miss Romeo continuously reflects on her instruction and searches for a variety of student engagement activities that challenges her students. It is inspiring to see her in action. I am happy to call her friend as well as colleague." -Macy Swope