Spin that reel: Get to know more about online slots


Traditional slot machines are quite a common sight in land-based casinos. You simply pull the lever and wait if those three reels land in the same pattern to claim some wins. However, they’re charm with players stayed the same through the years. Slots, like most games, needed to be innovated so it can keep everyone’s attention.


Online slot games in particular offer so much more than the traditional one. These games vary in types and themes that fit personal preferences. Most if not all online casinos also have a free to play option for players to choose which online slots they want without betting real money first.


Nowadays, the art of betting has evolved. It comes in the form of both online sports betting and casinos. A good casino and sports betting review can come a long way for these sites so they constantly try to up their game. 


If you’re wondering about the charm of online slots, here are some things you might want to know:

  1. Online slot themes draw in players both new and old

Slots gameplay is quite simple and easy to understand. In the case of online slots, you simply have to click the ‘Spin’ button after placing your bets instead of pulling an actual lever. 


What keeps the charm going for online slots is the various themes players can choose from. Horror, adventure, and fantasy slot themes are quite popular. Online slots inspired from famous movies and tv series are offered as well.

  1. Online casinos feature slots from various gaming providers

There are a lot of gaming providers that continuously create online slots for various casino sites. In fact, it’s quite rare to find an online casino that only offers slots from a single provider. If you’re not familiar with this industry yet, here are some of the most popular providers so you know what to look for:


  • NetEnt

  • Microgaming

  • Playtech

  • Evolution Gaming

  • Endorphina


  1. An online slot’s RTP is also something to consider

RTP is an abbreviation for Return to Player and it comes in the form of percentage. Most online casinos display the RTP for each of their online slots as they all vary. RTP is basically the pay out an online slot gives back to players in the long run. Online slots usually have RTPs in the high 90s.


Online betting can be quite an exciting gaming experience if you haven’t tried it out yet. Be it betting on your favourite team or playing these online slots, it’s great if you read an online casino and sports betting review first before you choose to deposit on a site. There are thousands upon thousands of sites out there so play in one that’s perfect for you. Reviews from other players will help a lot.