Reading Standards

Standard 1: Reading: CONVENTIONS AND SKILLS: Use knowledge of the conventions of language and texts to construct meaning for a range of literary and informational texts for a variety of purposes

TopicVocabulary and Concept Development
Benchmark LA.5.1.1Use new grade-appropriate vocabulary learned through reading print and online resources and word study, including meanings of roots, affixes, word origins

TopicLocating Sources/ Gathering Information
Benchmark LA.5.1.2Use a variety of grade-appropriate print and online resources to research a topic

Standard 2: Reading: READING COMPREHENSION: Use reading strategies to construct meaning from a variety of texts

TopicUnderstanding Text Structures
Benchmark LA.5.2.1Use organizational patterns (e.g., compare and contrast, proposition and support) to access information

TopicConstructing Meaning
Benchmark LA.5.2.2Make inferences and draw conclusions about grade-appropriate texts

TopicConstructing Meaning
Benchmark LA.5.2.3Distinguish between explicit and implied information

Standard 3: Reading: LITERARY RESPONSE AND ANALYSIS: Respond to literary texts from a range of stances: personal, interpretive, critical

TopicInterpretive Stance
Benchmark LA.5.3.1Cite specific information or ideas in the text that support and develop the author's message or theme

TopicInterpretive Stance
Benchmark LA.5.3.2Explain the relationship between plot events and how they build to the resolution of the selection's primary conflict

Benchmark LA.5.3.3Explain how characters evolve over the course of a work

TopicCritical Stance
Benchmark LA.5.3.4Compare a literary element (e.g., characters, setting, plot) as it occurs in two or more texts and explain how effectively it is realized in each text

TopicCritical Stance
Benchmark LA.5.3.5Describe how the author's choice of words or use of imagery contributes to overall quality and reader's enjoyment

TopicLiterary Elements
Benchmark LA.5.3.6Identify the meaning of common idioms (e.g., from the frying pan into the fire, cat got your tongue, raining cats and dogs) found in a text

TopicPersonal Connection
Benchmark LA.5.3.7Describe similarities and differences between characters and themes in literary texts and personal or real world experiences