Writing Standards

Standard 4: Writing: CONVENTIONS AND SKILLS: Use the writing process and conventions of language and research to construct meaning and communicate effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences using a range of forms

TopicRange of Writing
Benchmark LA.5.4.1Write in a variety of grade-appropriate formats for a variety of purposes and audiences, such as:
• narratives that include plot, setting, characters, and a conflict
• poems that use figurative language to convey a theme or impression
• reports incorporating a framing question and including research from two or more sources
• responses to literature
• pieces related to completing tasks
• notes summarizing what they have read or heard
• pieces to reflect on learning and to solve problems

TopicSentence Structure and Grammar
Benchmark LA.5.4.2Form and use the following grammatical constructions correctly when editing writing:
• complex sentences
• introductory phrases and subordinate clauses
• noun-pronoun agreement with intervening words or phrases
• appositives
• relative clauses

TopicSentence Structure and Grammar
Benchmark LA.5.4.3Recognize and correct run-on sentences and fragments

TopicPunctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling
Benchmark LA.5.4.4Use a variety of strategies and resources to spell grade-appropriate words

TopicPunctuation, Capitalization, and Spelling
Benchmark LA.5.4.5Edit writing to correct use of following punctuation:
• parentheses
• commas with relative clauses
• commas with appositives, if needed

TopicCiting Sources
Benchmark LA.5.4.6Write bibliographical entries for periodicals

Standard 5: Writing: RHETORIC: Use rhetorical devices to craft writing appropriate to audience and purpose

Benchmark LA.5.5.1Use information from appropriate sources: self, peers, and a variety of grade-appropriate sources

Benchmark LA.5.5.2Use significant details and relevant information to develop meaning

Benchmark LA.5.5.3Organize writing to exclude extraneous details and inconsistencies

Benchmark LA.5.5.4Use transitional words or phrases between sentences and paragraphs to guide the reader and give the writing cohesiveness

Benchmark LA.5.5.5Use clear and precise vocabulary to support meaning

Benchmark LA.5.5.6Improve clarity by combining sentences, varying sentences, or rearranging text

Benchmark LA.5.5.7Adjust voice to suit the purpose and form of writing (e.g., funny story, report, serious poem)