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Please call me at Woodruff Career and Technical Center should you have any questions. 672-6665

I am also available through the district email at:




Class rules

1. Always bring:

          Something to write with

          Something to write on

          Something to work with ( Your text book or assigned work)

2. Always be in your seat when class begins

3. Respect others and your self in the classroom, hallway, and outside the building

           No pushing, shoving, hitting

           Speak respectfully to teachers and  classmates

           Listen quietly while others are speaking

4. Follow teacher instructions in the classroom or in the Lab


 Grading policy:

All assignments turned on time and completed receive full credit.

Students who were excused from class will make make up assignements for full credit. Assignment will be assigned a completion date.

Late assignments will receive 1/2 credit or less.

Note : students removed from class for disciplinary reasons will receive 0 credit for that assignment.