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Heritage Academy- Mrs. Brothers' History Classes

Welcome Students and Parents.

I have set up this website for my US History classes.  It is sort of a one stop place to access:

Our Blog Site- A blog is a weblog (we-blog).  I will give the students a topic to blog or comment on.  It will be visible to all the other students and encourage deeper learning. 

I will also post podcasts on our blog.  These are short audio recordings I have made for the students to extend the learning the do at home.  Often listening to my podcast will be part of their assignment.

You can access "This Day in History".  Everyday history is made and here you can find a variety of events that happened on a particular day.  Let's have fun with this.



This website is an experiment and I appreciate any input you have. 

Mrs. Brothers

Get 2 Months for $5!