Heritage Academy- Mrs. Brothers' History Classes

Welcome Students and Parents.

I have set up this website for my US History classes.  It is sort of a one stop place to access:

Our Blog Site- A blog is a weblog (we-blog).  I will give the students a topic to blog or comment on.  It will be visible to all the other students and encourage deeper learning. 

I will also post podcasts on our blog.  These are short audio recordings I have made for the students to extend the learning the do at home.  Often listening to my podcast will be part of their assignment.  http://www.heritageworldhistory.mypodcast.com/

You can access "This Day in History".  Everyday history is made and here you can find a variety of events that happened on a particular day.  Let's have fun with this.   http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history.do



This website is an experiment and I appreciate any input you have. 

Mrs. Brothers