Impact on Student Success

Student Success Example

     This year has been a journey. From starting with distance learning to hybrid, for many of my students, including myself, it has been a challenge. However, I've seen many of my students strive both online and in-person. 

     One particular student surprised me. We will call this student A. A is in 3rd grade in my SDC class. Beginning this school year, A was at a 1st-grade reading level and 1st-grade math level. She struggled with comprehension and calculation. She found it difficult to work independently and doubted her abilities. She worked hard all year and it is evident. 

     A is now being mainstreamed into a general education classroom for English Language Arts and Mathematics. She is approaching grade level and is now more confident of her abilities! Every day, she looks at her schedule and gets her materials ready to go to her general education classroom. I couldn't be prouder!



Statement from an Educational Leader

     On my last evaluation this year, I was praised by my principal for my student engagement in the classroom. He mentioned how I make a safe environment for my students and find new ways to keep them engaged and participating. He also praised how calm I am in certain situations when there is an escalation in behavior. He respected how I have managed my classroom and paraeducators to make our classroom as efficient as can be.