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Mrs. Lisa Herndon's Math 2

Unit 1 Quadratics

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Unit 2 Right Triangle Trigonometry

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Unit 3 Circles

This is the page that will help you find all of the resources needed to complete Unit 3 of Math 2. The Agenda will let you know what assignments are due and when they are due. Use the Formulas and resources below Formulas to help you understand how to solve problems and see examples.

All assignments will be completed through USA TestPrep or sent to me as an email attachment. My email address is You must have an email address that you can use at school or you will have to complete assignments at home. All assignments are due by midnight of the due date.

There will be time during class to ask questions and practice concepts learned through tasks.

Unit 4 Data and Statistics

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Unit 5 Piecewise, Exponential, and Inverse Functions

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Unit 6 Finding the Best Model

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Get 2 Months for $5!