Unit 3 – Circles

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Due Date


How to complete the assignment

Monday, October 24


PDF Version of Unit Pre-Post Test

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Go to USA TestPrep and complete the pre-test that I have assigned to you. Do not worry if you do not know the material. This is to let me know how much background knowledge you have about circles.

Wednesday, October 26

Task 1

Here is a copy of the learning task that was started in class. Finish the task and choose one of the three homework assignments on pages 17 and 18 to complete and turn in.  You will only be turning in one of the homework problems, not the whole task. You will have to scan a copy of your paper and send it to me as an attachment. Your message should include the subject line:  First name Last name block Task 1 Homework. (ex. Lisa Herndon 1st Block Task 1 Homework). Don’t forget to attach your scanned image of your homework.

If you have questions about how to scan your work and attach it to your message, contact me or Mrs. Marchman.  We can take you to the computer lab and walk you through the process.


Friday, October 28

Task 2

Complete investigation 3 for homework. Scan your work and send it as an attachment to me. Subject line:  First name Last name Block Task 2 Homework


Tuesday, November 1

Task 3

Work with a partner to complete all parts of this task. Scan your work and send it as an attachment to my email. Only one person has to send the assignment, but make sure that both names are on the assignment. Subject line:  First name Last name & First name Last name Block Homework Task 3. For example if my partner were Mrs. Marchman, we would send our assignment as:  Lisa Herndon & Violet Marchman 1st Block Homework Task 3.


Wednesday, November 2

Quiz 1

Practice Quiz

Go to USA TestPrep and complete the quiz that has been assigned to you.

Thursday, November 3

Task 4

Choose one of the questions from the homework section to answer. Email your answer to me and 2 other classmates. You will be responsible for reviewing and commenting on the two classmates that email you their responses to a homework question. If you disagree with their answer or do not understand how they reached their answer, then communicate these questions and concerns. Remember to be kind when questioning someone’s work. Each time you send, reply, or forward an email make sure you put my e-mail address in the CC location so that I can follow your conversation and give you credit for the assignment.

Subject line: First Name Last Name Block Task 4


Tuesday, November 8

Task 5

Answer all 4 of the homework problems. Scan your work and add it as an attachment to an email. Send me your answers. In the subject line: First Name Last Name Block Task 5 Homework


Thursday, November 10

Pizza Task

Practice Spheres 1

Practice Spheres 2

Practice Spheres 3

Practice Spheres 4

Complete the Pizza Task and send it to me as an e-mail attachment. Subject Line: First name Last name Block Pizza Task. This task will serve as a quiz grade. You may use any of your notes, examples, or formulas to complete this task. Make sure you read the directions carefully and select one of the options available on the first page.

Friday, November 18

Unit Test

Unit test will be completed in class with formulas given. You may go to USA TestPrep and practice using a similar version of the unit test available. The practice test that I have made available will allow you to retake the test as much as you would like and give you the correct solutions showing how to work problems.


This link will take you to all of the tasks in Unit 3. Make sure you are looking at the correct task when completeing assignments.