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Since we are starting fresh with a new school year, I just wanted to give a friendly reminder of the CCPS attendance policy.

Pursuant to "Attendance - CCPS Policy #3005" established by the Calvert County Board of Education:
 "Elementary school students who miss 20 or more days within the school year, whether they are lawful or unlawful absences, will be considered for retention." (see Student Code of Conduct, page 15, (2a)).

"Any student with a chronic health condition or other serious problem may petition the school principal for a waiver to the attendance policy. This petition must be in writing and must state the reason(s) for the request. The student and parent/guardian must provide medical documentation or other evidence to support the request." (see Student Code of Conduct, page 17, (3c)).

Please speak with your child about the importance of regular school attendance. As stated in the Student Code of Conduct, page 13: "No child who is excessively absent during the year can fully profit from educational programs and activities offered at school. Students with good attendance have greater opportunities to utilize their talents, increase their self-esteem, and acquire self-discipline".

Obviously during the school year students may get sick and need to stay home in order to rest and recover.  If that is the case, all we ask is that you bring in a doctor's note or a parent note so that we have an accurate record of your child(ren)'s absences.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance in ensuring each student has a successful school year!


Two years ago CCPS purchased the elementary version of Career Cruising (which is used in middle school and high school) called ccSpark!  This is an interactive program which allows students to explore the six career clusters: Art & Communication, Health Services, Business, Human Services, Natural Resources, and Industrial & Engineering.  There are two versions of the game, one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5.  In each version of the game students must collect clues and meet game characters to solve a problem.  Each game character they meet has a different job from one of the career clusters.  At the end of each lesson, students are asked review questions about the jobs they just learned.

Students can access ccSpark! at school and at home.  To play at home go to - which can also be found on Destiny.  Usernames begin with the uppercase letters CAL and a dash (-), followed by your child's lunch number (ex: CAL-12345).  The password is your child's birthdate, written with the two-digit month, two-digit day, and the four-digit year (ex: January 1, 2009 would be typed in as 01012009).

*Be sure to enter usernames and passwords in the correct grade level game for your student, otherwise the information will not work.














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As I learn more about HES and collaborate with students, staff, and families, I will be adding information to this page, so stay tuned!