Hester's Homework Helper


Hester's Homework Helper

Welcome to the LAST NINE WEEKS at Falkland Elementary School. Thanks for all your support in educating your child.  Homework is an essential skill to be successful in school and builds a strong work ethic. Please remember to always  check your child's daily planner on a daily basis.   

Homework Policy-If your child does not complete their homework 2 times in one week, he/she will be issued after school detention.

Math homework will be different for the remainder of the year for 3rd grade. 4th grade will continue with Saxxon math worksheets side B for the next week. Please refer to your child's planner for specific math homework changes.  

Spelling- Please help your child with completing the following:

Mondays-Write each word 4 times each.

Tuesday-Write a sentence with each word, 10 sentences total using correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Wednesday-Write a paragraph on topic using 5 words with correct grammar, punctuation, capitalization.

Thursday-ABC order for all 10 words, and a grammar worksheet, and study for the spelling test given on Fridays.

Friday-Read an accelerated reader book and be ready to take an accelerated reader test by 8:00 on Monday with an 80% or better


For the week of May 20-May 24, 2013--Below are the spelling words of the week.

3rd grade list and 4th grade list--these words are essential in writing and relate to our social studies units.

  1. discuss
  2. official
  3. accent
  4. final
  5. pause
  6. pedal
  7. succeed
  8. demand
  9. teased
  10. totally 

Please check this weekly for updates. Thank you again!

Mrs. Hester--Exceptional Children's Teacher/Grade Chair/EC Contact

Falkland Elementary School