Unit Plan

Opinion Essay (Persusasion) Unit Plan - 5th grade

Standard: LA.5.W.2A- Write opinion texts that: a. introduce a topic or text being studied, using an introductory paragraph that clearly supports the writer’s purpose; b. state an opinion or establish a position and provide relevant reasons for the opinion supported by multiple facts and details; c. use specific and accurate words that are related to the topic, audience, and purpose; d. contain information using student’s original language except when using direct quotation from a source; e. reference the name of the author(s) or name of the source used for details or facts included in the text; f.  use transitions to connect opinion and reason; g. organizes the supporting details/reasons into introductory, supporting, and concluding paragraphs


Learning Targets:

-Students will understand the difference between ethos, pathos, and logos.

-Students will explore commercials with appeals to ethos, pathos, and logos.

-Students will connect opinions to reason.

-Students will organize their details and reasons into paragraphs.


1. What is persuasion?


2. Ethos, Pathos, and Logos – what are they?


(anchor chart)


3. Magazine Ads – explore ads to see what it appeals to?


Give students ads from various magazines, rotate them around and discuss in small groups.

4. What are demographics?



(Worksheet – formative assessment)

5. Commercial dig – watch commercials in groups and discuss.


(worksheet – formative assessment)

(Worksheet - answer key)

Other options:

Commercial Dig


6. Commercial dig – review responses as a class

7. What is opinion writing?



8. Why is it the best thing?

(Worksheet - List favorite things and reasons why then write paragraphs over one thing. Include ethos, pathos, and logos) - Formative assessment

9. Why is it the best thing?

Read paragraphs and persuade class that it’s the best. Have students vote on who was most convincing.

10. Discuss how to choose topics to write about

video for support in starting discussions

Website with direct instruction video


11. Begin brainstorming – 3 questions to think about

Can I explain what I would change as a clear opinion?

Can I support the opinion with three reasons?

Do I feel strongly about this?

-Questions from website video

12. Brainstorm 2-3 topics with 3-5 reasons to support opinion

13. Begin drafting essay - introduction



14. Continue drafting – body with 3-5 reasons supporting opinion

15. Continue drafting

16. Continue drafting - conclusion

17. Finish drafting – be prepared to revise/edit

18. Revising with partners

19. Finish revising and begin editing with partners

20. Finish editing (share with teacher) – Begin publishing essay

21. Publish essays

22. Publish essays

Summative is completed essay

23. Celebration Day – Share writing with classmates




2. Anchor chart examples -   



































This was a unit we needed to redo for our grade and it needed more than 10 days. It is far enough into the year that students have had practice drafting, revising, and editing with partners already.