News and Announcements

Taking applications for Ford Field.  Contact Doug Slater ASAP if interested.

Taking applications for Comerica Park.  Contact Jerry Anderson ASAP if interested.

New event posting today at 7:oo a.m., June 5, 2010.

Meeting Summary:

1) will continue as it has been with the exception of NO SPOT for stand manager or cash.  They will be assigned by the chair or vice chair after the even has been filled.

2)  Spouses can sign up without waiting, but be considerate of other group members.  Every body pays the $10 membership fee, so everyone should have the same opportunity to work.

3)  If interested in working at Ford Field contact Doug Slater, Vice Chair.

4)  Scholarships will be awarded monthly.

5)  Board of Directors are as follows:  Jerry Anderson - Chairperson, Doug Slater - Vice Chairperson, Jim Borowiack - Secretary, Suzi DeBois - Treasurer, Mary DiPonio - Scheduler.

6)  Event summaries sent with a couple of days of events.  Sent to the entire group to see who is volunteering and how many hours they are there.

7)  The process of changing from former leadership to this leadership may take a couple of weeks, be patient.

8)  Rules are in place to protect the group, violations WILL NOT be tolerated and group members will be banned if rules are broken.

9)  Questions, concerns, suggestions contact the Chairperson.