Book Report Directions

Parents are welcome to help their child with all of the book reports! It is 
a fun way to get involved with your child's school work! Every year I am 
amazed at what the students come up with!!!!

September Book Report: Float

The first book report for third grade will be due on September 27th. For 
this book report you are to read a good fit book and create a float based on 
it. Along the sides of your float you should have the title and author of 
your book. You also need to be able to give about a 1 to 2 minute summary of 
your book (I don't time these, this is just to give you an idea of about how 
long to prepare for), remembering to follow the directions on how your 
presentation will be graded. (Directions for how book reports are graded are 
on my Frequently Asked Questions link.)

Get creative! You can use construction paper, wrapping paper, paint, crepe 
paper, cotton balls, tissue paper, etc. to make your float look unique and to 
cover up the writing on the box. Your float can be made out of a shoe box, 
Kleenex box, cereal box, etc. or maybe you have a toy hay rack that you want 
to put yours on. You also need something to pull your float around the room 
and also around the hallways of the school for our "mini parade". (Each year 
we hold a mini parade around the hallways of our school. The students pull 
their floats around the school and classes are invited to sit in the hallways 
and watch.) Some will use string attached to the box, others a toy tractor or 
truck with a string attached to it. (Just make sure you have parent 
permission to bring the toys to school that day!) On the top of your float, 
you will need to put things that pertain to your book. These objects can be 
found around your house (legos, toys, etc.) or you may need to make some 
things and prop them up in some way. Let me know if you need something...I 
may have it! Although you will not be graded on the presentation of your book 
report until the 27th, please bring them on September 26th so that we can 

October Book Report: Brown Bag

Our October book report is a brown bag report. In order to do this report you 
need a brown paper grocery bag. On the outside of your bag you need to write 
the title and author of your book. You also need to decorate it with crayons 
or markers. Inside your bag you need to put 3-5 items that pertain to your 
book. For example, if I was doing Charlotte's Web, I could put in a toy pig, 
spider, a drawing of a spider web with the word "Some Pig" written on it, and 
a girl representing Fern. Then as I am telling about the book I would pull 
the item out that I am talking about and show it to the class. Remember to 
tell about the book in order and to leave us in suspense. This report will be 
due on October 26th.

November Book Report: Poster

The November book report is a poster. I will provide you with the paper to be 
used. On your poster, you need to include the title and author of your book 
at the top. Under that you need to divide the poster into 4 sections titled 
"Main Characters," "Setting," "Problem," and "Solution." Under each heading 
draw colorful pictures of what the main characters look like, the setting 
looks like, the problem, and the solution. Even though you are drawing a 
picture of the solution, you won't tell about it in your report so that you 
can still leave us in suspense. You may even go over your words NEATLY with 
markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Just make sure I can still read it! As 
always, you will stand and tell the class about your book. We will clip your 
poster to the board as you are doing your report, and you can point to things 
as you are telling about them. Don't forget to tell whom you recommend the 
book to and why. For this report you are required to read a good fit chapter 
book. Your report is due on November 30th.

December Book Report: None Due

January Book Report: Puppet

January book report is a puppet report. You need to make at least one puppet 
based on a character from your book. Be creative! You can use socks, paper 
bags, or a Popsicle stick. Your puppet, or puppets, should then tell about 
the book from their point of view. Don't forget that you should talk around 
1-2 minutes, leave us in suspense, and tell if you would recommend this book 
and why. Your puppet book report is due on January 25th.

February Book Report: Famous Person

Your February book report is about a famous person. You must read a 
nonfiction book about a famous person. This book must be approved by me. Once 
you have chosen you book, and I have approved it, you may begin preparing 
your report. For this report I would like for you to prepare a small written 
report about your famous person after you have read the book, to be turned in 
to me. In your report you should include the name of the person, important 
dates associated with that person, and the thing(s) the person is famous for. 
Remember to indent paragraphs and spell things correctly. We will type the 
reports on our mini labs when everyone is finished. I would also like for you 
to print a picture or draw a picture of the person you are reporting on. (If 
you don't have a printer at home, I would be happy to give you time at school 
to print a picture off, just don't wait until the day of the report to ask.) 
The report will be turned in to me and you will have to stand in front of the 
class and give a report on the book like you normally do. It will be 
difficult to leave us in suspense with a nonfiction book so make sure you 
practice ahead of time. Good luck! Your report is due February 22nd.

March Book Report: Dress Up Like the Character

Your March book report is to pick a character out of your book and dress up 
like him or her. You then have to tell about your book from this character's 
point of view. Get started early picking out a book for this report so you 
can figure out how to dress. Also, practice saying your report from that 
character's point of view. Yo will need to start out your report by telling 
the title and author of your book , and then introduce yourself by telling 
what character you are dressed as. For example: "The name of my book is Where 
the Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. Today I am dressed as the character 
Billy." From that point on you tell about the book as if you are that 
character. Don't forget to follow the other book report rules. Good luck. 
Your report is due March 29th.

April Book Report: Box Report

Your April book report is a box report. Let your imaginations run wild! You 
can do anything for this report as long as it involves a box. Here are some 
ideas: a diorama (a diorama involves using the inside of a box and setting up 
a scene from the book), make a box into a TV set and advertise your book, or 
make another float. Remember to follow the book report rules: tell about your 
book in order, don't give away the ending, recommend the book and tell why 
you are recommending it, etc. Your report is due on April 26th. 

May Book Report: Commercial

Your May book report is a commercial. To do this report you need to pretend 
that you are on TV advertising your book. Sound excited and like this is the 
best book you have ever read because the job of a commercial is to sell 
something. You can even include a price when you tell where your book came 
from. For example, in your report you can say, "This book can be found in 
Mrs. Gebhardt's library and can be yours for only $4.99 plus shipping and 
This is an unbelievable price for such a wonderful book!" While doing this, 
don't forget to follow the book report rules. Your report is due May 24th.