Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daily 5?

The Daily 5 is something I hope your child will be talking a lot about this year! There are 5 components to help improve each child's reading, spelling, and writing abilities. Students will individually be working on Reading to Self, Reading to Someone, Word Work, Listen to Reading, and Work on Writing. As a class, we will go over how to do each of these components to improve their skills. While they are working on one of the five components individually or with a partner, I will be pulling small groups and working one on one with students on the skills they need. Each student and I will together be 
monitoring their progress closely and setting goals for learning. I am sure we will see huge gains in their reading levels and writing levels throughout the year. Even more exciting is that with Daily 5 the students will learn the skills they will need to take with them throughout their lives to be 
successful readers and writers.

What is CAFE?

CAFE goes along with our Daily 5. It stands for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expand Vocabulary, all skills students need to become better readers. While students are doing a component of the Daily 5, I will work with small groups and one on one with students. Each student will be given an assessment several times a year which will tell me more about the skills they need to work on pertaining to reading. We will decide which skill they need the most work on (comprehension, accuracy, fluency, or expand vocabulary) and I will teach them strategies to help with their skill. The great thing is that I will get to teach them in those small groups or one on one so each student can be working on a strategy that is the best one for them at that time.


How are the Book Reports Graded?

We will not be doing book reports at the beginning of this school year.  Once I better understand what our days will look like, I will revisit this decision.  If I decide this is something we can do, I will communicate that with you.
Book reports are due every month. Students will be given a rubric within the first few weeks of school that will tell how all book reports for the year will be graded. The book rubric includes the following items:
Did the student tell the title of the book?
Did the student tell the author?
Did the student talk loud enough for the audience to hear?
Did the student look at the audience?
Did the student tell the important parts of the book?
Did the student tell about the book in order?
Did the student practice enough so that there aren't long pauses?
Did the student leave the audience in suspense?
Did the student recommend the book?

How Can I Help My Child Study for Tests?

Practice facts...especially addition at the beginning of the year and then multiplication once they have mastered addition!!!!

Make sure they are reading their good fit books every night. This is the best way to improve reading.

Word Study
Study words/word patterns on the weekly lists.


How Does My Child Celebrate Their Birthday if It Occurs During the Summer?

If your child has a summer birthday they can pick any day they wish to celebrate. On that day we will pretend it is their birthday. We will sing "Happy Birthday" to them. They may bring treats that day if they choose. I recommend not waiting until the end of the year though because in the past we have had multiple birthdays to celebrate on one day and then the student doesn't feel like they have received as much attention (several snacks, more than one "Happy Birthday" song, etc.)


Can We Send Treats?

Yes you can.  Due to COVID however, they must be store bought and individually packaged.  Ideas might include store bought rice crispie treats, fruit snacks, fruit cups, individual Goldfish bags for each student, etc.  We are also a peanut free school so please check that snacks do not contain nuts

When Will My Child Bring Home Report Cards?

We have moved to standards based progress reports in the elementary school.  Students will receive progress reports 3 times a year, at the end of each trimester.  If we have parent teacher conferences scheduled towards the end of the trimester, progress reports will be given to you at those conferences.  If no conferences are scheduled, then I will send them home in an envelope requiring your signature.  (No signature will be required at the end of the 3rd trimester when students bring them home on the last day of school.) 

What If My Child Has Late Work?

Every morning I check to see what assignments I am missing. If your child is missing an assignment, I will work with them throughout the day.  I do understand that every once in a while there just 
isn't time to get homework done at night, but if it becomes a habit I will contact you.

How Do We Complete Book Logs?

Once school is underway, your child should read at least 20 minutes in a good fit book every night, Monday through Friday. I am not sure what our school will recommend for book logs this year so I will send a note home once that has been decided.  If your child is reading a book that doesn't take a full 20 minutes to read, just have them reread it or begin a new book. Rereading books is a great way to improve fluency!