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Students in 3rd grade will have at least 1 thing to do every night:  Read at least 20 minutes! The reading is free reading, but should always be at your child's reading level.  I will help them determine their reading level as school gets underway. 


Once the students have built their stamina during Daily 5,  we will be concentrating on individual skills and strategies each student needs to be working on.  They will be practicing these with texts that I share with them and texts they are reading on their own. 


I also require my students to do one book report each month.  The first few generally make them very nervous but after those are under their belts they become pros.  This is a great way to become more comfortable speaking in front of others, a skill that makes many adults nervous!  I have even had some of my past students or their parents tell me how it helped them with a presentation they had to give later in their school career.  We usually have a fun project to go along with the report that parents are encouraged to help with.  I send home directions for the report and a due date about a month before each report is due so there is plenty of time to work on it.

Get 2 Months for $5!