Welcome to Mrs. Gebhardt's 3rd Grade!


Our classroom received some good news this week!  We have received a Burlington Educational Foundation Grant in the amount of $200.  With this money I will be purchasing math manipulatives for the students to use during their math activities.  We will be ordering things such as  unifix cubes, counters, dice, wooden cubes, and rulers.  I would like to thank the Burlington Educational Foundation for supporting classrooms with grants such as these.

In math this week we continued to work on multiplication.  We focused on the factor of 4 and 6.  We read the story Legs for Hopping and the students created multiplication problems related to animal legs.  They also created a line plot to graph how many legs each animal in the story had.  Students are continuing to practice their multiplication facts daily and will take a weekly fact test.

We continued our Foss science unit.  Students have been learning what adaptations are and how they help an animal survive in its environment.  Ask your child what adaptations our crayfish have.  

In reading we read The Junkyard Wonders.  This is a book that I have read to the students before, but this time we focused on different strategies.  We discussed the examples of figurative language that the author used, as well as the character traits the main character demonstrated.  We also compared and contrasted it to another book by the same author, Thank You Mr. Falker.  

There will be no book report for the month of December.  Students are still required to read nightly and turn in their book log each Monday.

I hope your child told you some information we learned when the Burlington Police Department brought in their canine. It was interesting information and the students enjoyed the visit.  I would like to thank Officer Thomson for setting it up and Officer Smith for his time.

Don’t forget to remind students to turn in their book log on Monday.