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Welcome to the official website of Home Grown Heart's Chemistry Class! You can always find our syllabus here, as well as the current list of course work. I will also try and post some interesting links here and anything else that may be helpful in your journey as an aspiring chemist. :o)


 Week OfRead for Thursday Lab for Tuesday Homework Due Thursday Assessments 
 09/07 p. 1-30

Lab Safety


 OYO 1.1-1.14 none this week
 09/14 p. 30-31, 37-45

Making Measurements



OYO 1.15-1.16

Review Questions

Practice Problems (optional) 

 Calibrating  Thermometer 

 OYO 2.1-2.7



 09/28 p. 59-60, 69-72 Measuring Specific Heat

OYO 2.8-2.10

Review Questions

Practice Problems (Optional)