Course Description

This chemistry course is a collaborative effort between the student, their parents, and their HGH teacher. The intent is to make chemistry a subject that is easily accessible to all learners, while broadening each student’s view of the role of chemistry in their lives. Emphasis will be on applying concepts, not rote memorization. 

Course Objectives

          1. Students will gain an understanding of chemistry concepts including classification, the concept of the mole, acids and bases, solutions, atomic                 structure, molecular structure, stoichiometry, chemical equations, gas laws, equilibrium, and more.

          2. Students will understand and implement safe laboratory practices.

Course Specifics

1. We will meet at HGH at Spotswood Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, 1-2:30.

2. We will use the Apologia Exploring Creation With Chemistry, 2nd Edition text

Course Rubric

Class Participation 10%

While the class is in a lecture format, there will be ample times for student participation. The emphasis here is not necessarily on the right answer, but on discovering the correct process to determine the right answer.

Homework 15%

Homework will be given to supplement what is learned at HGH. Again, the grades are not entirely based on accuracy but on a continued improvement in the grasp of the material presented. Homework is critical to the success of the student, since we only meet a few hours each week.

Lab Reports 30%

The format will be taught in the beginning of the year. This is an important tool not only in high school chemistry, but also in college and beyond. 

Quizzes 15%

Presented periodically to confirm that the student is making appropriate progress. Used as a diagnostic tool to determine areas that need to be fortified before moving on.

Tests 30%

A tool to evaluate the student’s grasp of the concepts. At least a portion of each test will be open book. This allows the student to focus on understanding and applying the chemical concepts learned, instead of just memorizing facts. Tests will be take home. 


Class Policies


Students will be expected to attend each class. Please email me at if you know your student will be absent. Students will be expected to make up any work missed while absent. 

Late Work

If a student has an excused absence from class, they may turn in their work at the next class without penalty. If a student has an excused absence for more than one class, he/she will have the corresponding number of days to turn in the work. 

If a student does not turn in work and is not on an excused absence, the following grading scale will be used:

turned in that evening via email or postage marked regular mail: less 25%

turned in next class: less 50%

If a student does not turn their work in within this time frame, the grade  will be a 0.

Parent Conferences

As requested. 

Lab Attire

Long hair must be pulled back.

No open shoes -- feet must be completely covered with shoes/socks.

Safety goggles must be worn. These will be provided for your student. 

Materials Needed

3 ring binder 

looseleaf paper

basic calculator




colored pencils