My Bio


 Personal Stats:

Live: Ballston Spa

Married to: my husband, Grant, since 8/15/08

Church: Greenfield Center Baptist

Family: Dad, Mom, Skyler (brother), 3 living grandparents and NUMEROUS aunts, uncles and cousins

Pets: Rags (dog - lives with my parents) and Bishy (the fishy)

Loves: Cape Cod, pad thai (and other ethnic food), books, traveling  (time AND place), musicals and Sean Hannity

Loathes: bacalhao (a Portugese food), heavy metal, socialism, and Tech Decks

Most Distinguishing Trait(s): My red hair and dry wit


Book(s): I honestly couldn't even limit it to 20 favorites, but here's a extremely abridged list - Anne of Green Gables,  Mitford (series), Harry Potter (series), James Herriot (series), Narnia, Many Waters, A Swiftly Tilting Planet... more later...

Movies: Anne of Green Gables, Harry Potter, most Christmas movies, My Fair Lady...more later...

TV Shows: Friends, Gilmore Girls, Fraiser, Seinfeld, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Boy Meets World...more later... 

Favorite Jokes:

Q: Why did the ocean get arrested?  A: Because it beat upon the shore.

Q: What do you call a chicken crossing the road?  A: Poultry in motion.

Q: Why did the matador trade in his swords for a gun?  A: He wanted to shoot the bull. 



Spa Christian School, Grades K-6

Schenectady Christian School, Grades 7-12

Schenectady County Community College, A.S. Teacher Education

University at Albany, B.A. English, M.S. Special Ed/Literacy

Plattsburgh State University, M.S. Childhood Education