Chapter 25 Quiz Study Guide

A Western-Dominated World (25.1); p. 173-174 (RRB) 

·        The causes of “new imperialism”

·        Why imperialism succeeded

·        How governments ruled their empires

·        Forms of imperial rule

  The Partition of Africa (25.2); p. 175-176 (RRB) 

·        What forces were shaping Africa in the early 1800s?

·        How did European contact with Africa increase?

·        How did Leopold II start a scramble for colonies?

·        How did Africans resist imperialism?

 European Challenges to the Muslim World (25.3); p. 161-162 (RRB) 

·        What were sources of stress in the Muslim world?

·        What problems did the Ottoman Empire face?

·        How did Egypt seek to modernize?

·        Why were European powers interested in Iran?

 The British Take Over India (25.4); p. 160-161, 174-175 (RRB) 

·        What were the causes and effect of the Sepoy rebellion?

·        How did British rule affect India?

·        How did Indians view western culture?

·        What were the origins of Indian nationalism?

 China and the New Imperialism (25.5); p.176-177 (RRB) 

·        What trade rights did westerners seek in China?

·        What internals problems did Chinese reformers try to solve?

·        How did the Qing dynasty come to an end?

·        How did imperialism contribute to the rise of nationalistic feelings in China?