Chapter 10 & Civil War Review - 11R


* If you can answer the following questions and explain the importance of the items below, you will do fine on the quiz on Friday. 

Two Nations (10.1) – RRB p. 77-78 (Southern Views/Northern Views) 

Ø  Why do some historians think the Civil War was unavoidable?

Ø  What arguments did abolitionists use against slavery?

Ø  How did Southerners view slavery?

Ø  What were some important differences between the North and the South?

 The Mexican War and Slavery Extension (10.2) – RRB p. 76-77 (TX, Mexican Cession) 

Ø  What events led to the annexation of Texas?

Ø  Why did the U.S. go to war with Mexico?

Ø  Why did the Wilmot Proviso lead to conflict?

 New Political Parties (10.3) – RRB p. 78-79 (Compromise of 1850/KS-NE/Rise of Rep. Party)  

Ø  What were the effects of the Missouri Compromise?

Ø  What did the Compromise of 1850 accomplish?

Ø  How did the political parties change in the 1850s?

Ø  Why did Stephen Douglass propose the Kansas-Nebraska Act?

 The System Fails (10.4) – RRB p. 78-79 (Bleeding KS/Lincoln-Douglas Debates/John Brown’s Raid/etc.) 

Ø  Why did violence erupt in Kansas in the mid-1850s?

Ø  How did slavery affect national politics in this period?

Ø  What problems did the Lecompton constitution cause?

Ø  What important issues were discussed in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates?

Ø  How did John Brown’s raid increase tensions between the North and the South?

 A Nation Divided Against Itself (10.5) – RRB p. 79-80 

Ø  How did the election of 1860 demonstrate the split between the North and the South?

Ø  What concerns led the Lower South to secede from the Union?

Ø  What event started the Civil War?

Civil War  - RRB p. 80-81


Ø  Advantages of the North and South

Ø  How Lincoln's presidential power increased during the Civil War

Ø  Union strategy; Confederate strategy

Ø  Importance of Battle of Antietam

Ø  Importance of Battle of Gettysburg

Ø  Emancipation Proclamation: what it did; why some criticised it

Ø  Gettysburg Address - reason given

Ø When/where war ended

Ø  Lincoln's assassination

Ø Civil War on the Home Front: North

Ø  Civil War on the Home Front: South