Mrs. Long's Math Class-Website


Mrs. Long is always EXCITED for the opportunity to get to know each group of students and thier parent(s)/guardian(s) each school year!  She looks forward to a wonderful and productive school year every year with parents and students combine. 

Throughout this site is some very important items of information about what will be expected within the classroom/course during the school year.  

General/Classroom rules

The 3 R’s


1. Be Respectful by asking permission, using your manners, & respecting ALL belongings, etc.

2. Be Responsible by paying attention, being prepared, being on time, & picking up after yourself, etc. 

3. Be Resourceful by being a friend to everyone, encouraging others, being nice, and believing in yourself and others.


Classroom Procedures for Students

*** Last updated to accommodate guidelines for Covid19 *** 9/8/2020 ***

***  Students MUST bring their county assigned table/computer with them to class each day.  Please charge computer nightly for daily use.  Students may bring chargers with them to ensure all day use of thier tablet/computer.  Failure to ensure devices are charged may result in the student falling behind or not being able to access documents needed for class (e.g. saved documents on their own device, etc).

*** Face masks/coverings are now mandatory until further notice.  Students will also be provided cleaning wipes to clean their desks before and after use. 

1. Upon entering the classroom - students go straight to assigned seat, sit down, & prepare their desk for class to begin (student should turn on laptop and access Schoology).

Bathrooms will be locked during class changes.  Scheduled bathroom breaks will be given within classes throughout the school day (especially during Math classes).

If a student arrives late to school or from another class, student MUST have a note to put on Mrs. Long's desk, then student is to be seated, and get caught up quickly and quietly. 

2. Beginning of class - once the tardy bell has rang, class has officially started. Therefore, everyone is quiet and working on the Bell Ringer/Daily Problems.

3. When class attention is needed - Teacher will say “Excuse me” then everyone should be quiet and attentive. 

4. When needing help - students raise thier hand and wait quietly while going on to the next problem until the teacher can get to them. 

5. Taking notes - It is expected every student takes notes.  Students will be provided a digital textbook and will be able to type within the textbook for note taking. 

6. Homework - Weekly problems may be assigned through out the school year through Schoology.  Homework needs to be completed by the student on time to show responsibility and for the student to earn the best grade possible (Grading policy mentioned below).

7. Sign-Out Sheet - When a student has to leave class, no matter the reason, studnet MUST sign out in his/her assignment journal and the class Sign-Out sheet.  Then Sign back in at both locations when he/she returns.  Assignment journal is the hall pass, students should have it in every class period.   NO EXCUSES!!

Due to COVID 19 students will not be permitted to leave the classroom unless an unforseen emergency arises.  Flexibility is essential!!

8. Class Dismissal - Students are dismissed when the Teacher says “Have a great day!” Students then leave with their own items, respectfully and orderly.


Suggested Supplies for Math Class that make things easier for everyone:

· A 1 inch binder of any color (ONLY used for Math class)  A digital Binder will be set up on students' computers

· Section dividers for binder (5 sections:  Class items, Special Handouts, Skills Practice, Graded Work, Lab Tab). 

· Pencils, Pen, highlighter, loose leaf paper, & colored pencils for color-coded note taking. are items worth keeping with students (especially for Math for working out problems on paper before putting answers in on a computer). 

· A calculator, IF YOU ALREADY HAVE ONE.  If not, one may be provided. 

  • A set of headphones/earbuds that can plug into the laptop/computer for educational tutorial videos, etc.


For Remote Learning (when required)

  • County assigned tablet/computer
  • Internet access (or willingness to travel to a school hotspot)
  • Willingness and Determination to get things done on a daily baises (good time managment). 


** Donations of the following items are welcomed:  

  • Wide Rule loose leaf paper
  • Wooden #2 pencils
  • Blue ink pens
  • Highlighters of all colors
  • Loose leaf graph paper
  • 1in 3-ring binders
  • 5 tab dividers
  • Mechanical pencil lead of all sizes
  • Colored pencils
  • Pencil top erasers
  • 4 function solar calculator
  • “pop-up” post-it notes
  • Lined 3 x 5 post-it notes
  • Card stock paper
  • Desk/scotch tape refills
  • Copy paper (regular or card stock quality) (any color)
  • Expo dry erase markers of all colors (w/ or w/o eraser)
  • Expo “wet” erase markers of all colors (if you can find)



· Tests count twice.

· Other assignments are counted once, unless told otherwise. 

· Assignments turned in late will be  subject to points being taken off.  Assignments not turned in will result in a grade of Zero (0).

Extra Credit:

Mrs. Long DOES NOT give extra credit, however, allows for students to correct graded assignments.  Any assignments (except bell ringers and exit slips) with a score of a 69 or below can be corrected on a separate sheet of paper and turned back in WITH THE ORIGINAL assignment with in two (2) days of being handed back to the student.  Corrections will be graded and points given back to the original assignment to improve the original grade. 

Discipline:  School wide policy set in place is followed.

Make-Up Work:  As defined in the county policy (number of days absent plus 1 day).  Students should see classroom homework calendar for assignments and a classmate for notes.

Grades:  New grades posted as soon as assignments are graded.  Please pay close attention to comments made, and Announcements posted.  Grades will now show within Schoology accounts. 

The Remind App is used for communication purposes (such as homework reminders, etc), code will be provided for each individual class.