You have been chosen to go on a quest. Just as the knights did in days of old. Your quest will be to answer the questions from your section and then create a powerpoint, using the reasearch gathered.You also may use your book, if you cannot find the information on any of the links provided. Make sure you copy and paste the links you use for the citations page at the end of your powerpoint. Please put the information gathered in your own words. You may bullet the information, if you wish. Gather the information, then put in powerpoint format, then decorate powerpoint. Do not decorate powerpoint until all information is in it.


The role of the Church during the Medieval times.

What was the role of the Medieval church?

What was the reason Christians wanted to receive the seven sacraments?

Why did medieval paintings often tell the story of Christ’s life?

What does this suggest about people at the time? What are pilgrimages?

What did medieval holidays honor?

Give three additional facts about the church during medieval times.html






Life in Medieval Times

What geographic feature were medieval towns built near?

What had to happen in order for towns to develop during the middle ages?

What was the result of merchants making money and joining town councils?

What is a craft guild and list as least 3 and what craft they practiced?

How did a person become a member of a guild? List the process.

Three additional facts on medieval town life.



http://www.boisestate.edu/courses/westciv/medsoc/24.shtml http://histclo.com/chron/med/med-app.html




The Decline of Feudalism

What was the Bubonic Plague?

• What was another name for it?

• What were some of the causes?

• What were some of the symptoms?

What was the Hundred Years’ War?

• How did it start?

• Which group lost power as a result of the war?

• Which people gained more power?

What is the Magna Carta? • Who did it protect?

• What did the Magna Carta give rise to?

Give three additional facts.




http://www.kidspast.com/world-history/0230-hundred-years-war.php http://www.boisestate.edu/courses/westciv/plague/05.shtml