Welcome to the Hamilton High School Library! It is a multi-faceted facility designed to foster the search for knowledge and to encourage reading for pleasure. The Hamilton High School Library catalog can be accessed by clicking the following link:                      http://mcsbooks.mcsk12.net/opac/hamiltonhsmcs/index.html  


Library Policies:

  • Books may be checked out for two weeks and may be renewed for another two weeks. 
  • No fines are charged for overdue books; however students should return books in a timely manner.
  • The replacement cost of the book will be charged if the book is lost.

Rules for Using Library Computers:

There are several computers available for students and teachers to use in the library. Students are asked to check in at the circulation desk for computer/internet use. DO NOT ALTER the computer set-up in any way. Computer settings should be left the same way you find them. Do NOT shut the computer down when you are finished.

You may print from several computers. There is NO fee for printing; but you must have your own paper. Please notify the librarian before you print and give her your paper. Use of the school computer and library is a privilege that may be revoked or suspended if it is abused.


Teachers may check out equipment on a daily basis. You may also reserve equipment ahead of time. 


You may send up to four students during class time with a library pass for each student. You may bring the entire class after reserving the library in advance. The library calendar is located at the circulation desk. Please inform the librarian of your activities. This will ensure that materials are ready for your class when you arrive.