Drawing & Painting I Sketchbook Assignments

Drawing & Painting I – Sketchbook Assignments

You will be turning in one sketchbook assignment every week throughout the semester. If you fail to turn in a sketch in on time, TWO sketches of the exact same assignment must be turned in the very next day that I see you PRIOR to 7:25am! If it is not in PRIOR to 7:25 the following day, don’t even ask if you can “still hand it in.” Please draw the assignments in the order they appear on this sheet and make sure your name is on each assignment.  Best of Luck and good drawing!

1.       In FULL color, draw out what your dreams are for yourself. What do you hope to accomplish in life, school or today. Maybe your dreams are surreal or inspired by fantasy. Use the full page of the sketchbook and draw out your dreams.

2.       From your imagination, your mind’s eye, draw what you think a cup and saucer looks like, sitting on a table, full of coffee or tea. What do you imaging the shape of the objects will be? What are the shadows and reflections from the objects going to look like? Draw this out in color please.

3.       This time, from direct observation, set out a cup and saucer and, to the best of your ability, draw it out EXACTLY as you see it! FULL COLOR. Look for the shadows and reflections that are in the glossy surface of the objects. Look at the interesting shapes that make up the objects, don’t just use you mind’s eye, and use your head’s eyes. TAKE YOUR TIME – get that A+.

4.       Please draw your favorite pair of shoes in the grass of an open field (in color) being eaten and destroyed by an angry bunny rabbit or other ferocious fuzzy woodland critter..

5.       Using crayons - create a non-objective drawing (Abstract Expressionism) that is based not on an object or person or anything real, but rather on the idea of making marks and filling in spaces and colors on the page. How do you decide where to start? How do you decide what colors go next to one another? Finally, on the back of the page, write your thoughts about this exercise, the ease in which you drew it, what was most difficult, frustrating or even fun about the experience? This is called self-reflection. Give me a paragraph (10 sentences with a n introduction, body and conclusion.)

6.       Draw a self-portrait.  Do not use a mirror, but rather work from a photo.  I’ll get you later with using a mirror.  Pay careful attention to the shape and form of your face.  Where are the dark areas and where are the light areas?  Is the proportion done correctly? Oh – and make ANOTHER ONE of your facial features exaggerated (huge nose, tiny ears, gigantic eyes…)

7.       Please, draw or paint any personal item of your choosing. Please make sure to include all of the shadowing and reflections that the object has and casts. Take your time, work on shading!

8.       Create a cartoon and use it to sum up your understanding of one (or more) of the Elements of Art or Principles of Design that we have studied over the past quarter. Create a 5 panel cartoon that has you, me and at least one other character in it. (If I laugh out loud, it gets an A+ INSTANTLY!)

9.       Gather up 5 items from your kitchen (knives, spoons, forks, bowls, spatula, or an ice cream scooper – whatever.) Lay them out neatly next to one another and then look at them from all different directions. Draw out an interesting composition from whichever vantage point (point of view) that you choose.

10.   Draw your favorite chair and the room (floor, walls tables, anything that is around it) it is in.

11.   Do a realistic COLOR drawing of an apple, sitting half eaten on a multi-colored plate, with a half drunk glass of water or Diet-Coke. Everything should be setting on a table, a wood grained table, with a placemat under the objects.  WOW!

12.   Draw a window, looking out into a vast area.  What is in your view?  Color is optional.

13.   ARTnews wants to put you, yes you, on the cover of their internationally renowned art magazine.  Wow, that is very cool.  I will supply a blank cover for you to use, but you need to somehow fill it. Are you ever lucky! What are you going to do? Think about all of the different ways to create a magazine cover (your face or name needs to be included too).  Are you going to include your artwork too? I hope so. Good luck. (Someone remind me to get the covers to you.)

14.   Time for SELF-REFLECTION.  By using a mirror, draw in the best detail you possibly can your facial features.  Not necessarily together to form a face, but individually so you can concentrate on the features and form alone.  Go to it.

15.   You are on your own. Make it whatever you want, but make it good! Draw ANYTHING YOU WANT, ANYTHING!

16.   Create a cartoon and use it to sum up your experience over the semester in this class. How many characters? How many panels? What did you learn from this art experience? Draw this is color!

BONUS SKETCH – Draw a portrait of your FAVORITE teacher at HHS and write up an explanation as to WHY they are your favorite teacher. This does not have to be of Ms. Miller (although, the points you’d make sure wouldn’t hurt J).