Word of the Day

Word of the Day


If you happened to miss a word in your journal, look it up in the dictionary. Here are a list of the words for the month of April.

*There will be a Word of the Day Quiz on Monday, May 2nd.

Friday, April 1st: Edit

Monday, April 4th: Justify

Tuesday, April 5th: Reflect

Wednesday, April 6th: Hypothesis

Thursday,  April 7th: Proofread

Friday, April 8th: Quote

Monday, April 11th: Traits

Tuesday, April 12th: Climate

Wednesday, April 13th: Consensus

Thursday, April 14th: Compromise

Friday, April 15th: Culture

Monday, April 18th: Discrimination

Tuesday, April 19th: Prejudice

Wednesday, April 20th: Theory

Tuesday, April 26th: Integrate

Wednesday, April 27th: Logic

Thursday, April 28th: Motive

Friday, April 29th: Prohibit