About Me

Greetings parents, Im Dakota High Hawk, Teacher at the Wounded Knee Head Start II classroom, welcome to my page! I have been working at the Oglala Lakota College Early Head Start Program, Wounded Knee Head Start center for 3 years now, and enjoy my time with the children. I was raised and still reside here in the community of Wounded Knee. I am looking foward to this coming year! and meeting all the parents. Smile

There is an off reservation boarding school called "Sherman Indian High School" in Riverside, California, and in 2007 i grauated from there. I was very active in high school as well as the community. I was inspired and motivated by my family and close friends to be in the Early Childhood Development. I believe that in children, they are sacred or "wakan" and that in their early stages and the first part of their lives, we as parents and educators give them the tools and guidence to prosper their development.

Oglala Lakota College

Early Head Start Program

Wounded Knee Head Start

100 Big Foot Drive

Wounded Knee, SD 57794