Family Literacy


To:          Parent/Guardians

Fr:           WKHS II Teacher


Re:          Parent INFO.


Greetings parents!

Welcome to the new school year! As we begin, I would like to interest you to family literacy. Family literacy is gathering together and doing literacy activities as a family. It is the ability to read and write. You can come up with different ways to teach literacy- but overall, literacy is reading and writing. Below is a list of ideas on what family literacy is and or means.

Songs, stories, language, ABC’s, grammar magazines, words, letters, rhymes, puppets, family togetherness, vocabulary, conversation, watching, questioning, repletion, games, phonics, reading, names, speaking, music, art, pictures, learning, colors, newspapers, observing, practice, body-parts, read, books, numeracy, large print, culture-awareness, story-telling, sensorial experiences, modeling, computer literacy, socialization, oral, relationship literacy, and deliverance.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the office, (605)-867-5464.


Dakota High Hawk

WKHS II Teacher

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Here is a video on family literacy...check it out.