My Spanish K-5 Website

Welcome Back to Our New Neuse Charter School!


Dear parents and students welcome back to school. I am sharing with all of you the excitement of having the dream come true of a very new and beautiful Neuse Charter School. My name is Hilda Joyner and I am very happy to work on my third year at Neuse Charter School as a Spanish Elementary Teacher. I will teach kindergarten, First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grades.

This year I want to have a strong opened communication with parents. I will develop partnership with parents in support of their children’s education.

Please do not hesitate to come and talk to me about any concern you have in Spanish. I can help you, fix, or change what is possible; if you let me know what your concerns are. Students are first!

You can contact me by email  or you can also ask for an appointment at the office.

I constructed along the last year 15 Teaching Units based on the NC standards for a foreign language and also with topics that covers thematic units in Science and Social Studies.

Spanish Units

  1. La Escuela/ The school
  2. Todo Acerca de Mi/All about Me
  3. Nuestra Comunidad/Our Community
  4. El Clima/ Weather
  5. Las Partes del Cuerpo/Body Parts
  6. La Comida/ Food
  7. Celebraciones Alrededor del Mundo/ Celebrations Around The World
  8. El Invierno/ Winter
  9. Los Animales/ Animals
  10. Estados Unidos de América y Carolina del Norte/USA and NC
  11. Las Plantas/ The Plants
  12. De Viaje/On a Trip
  13. La Cultura Latinoamérica /Latin-American Culture
  14. Insectos y otros Bichos/ Insects and Bugs
  15. El sistema Solar/The Solar System

Please visit the Website periodically to find out was is covered on each Unit along the year.

Our classroom activities will include dramatization of dialogues, listening to Spanish language CDs, viewing Spanish videos, completing written and oral exercises, listening and reading books and magazines in Spanish.

I will keep in mind that young learner students need “the silent period” in which they just listen and accumulate the information in the second language. With the time in Elementary they will start using the learned vocabulary and experience success in Spanish.

For this reason I will:

  •  Challenge my students
  •  Work hard to help them learn
  •  Learn from them

My Student’s expectations and class rules:

  • Good attitude
  • Curiosity and willingness to work and learn Spanish
  • To treat others the way they wish to be treated
  • To be respectful
  • To try his/her best
  • To participate in class
  • To respect others language acquisition process

If the students choose to break the expectations I will give them:

  • Verbal warning
  • Time out
  • Teacher student agreement (verbal/writing)
  • Phone call home
  • Principal intervention

Cell phones/pagers/I-Pods/ other technology must be turned off and out of sight and used according to the student manual.


  • Praise(daily)
  • Award for talking in Spanish
  • Good grades

Grading Criteria

A grade for each student will be compiled per quarter.

The areas that will determine the final grade are as follows:

  • Participation in class
  • Written exercises
  • Oral productions
  • Projects
  • Assessments


Have a great learning year! Mrs. Joyner