7th Grade Merit Science

Topics          ·         Cells, Heredity and Adaptation·         Classification, Bacteria and Viruses·         Human Body Systems·         Forces and Motion·         Energy Materials needed          ·         Pencils and/or pens·         Notebook paper·         Colored Pencils ·         Glue Stick·         Scissors Grading ·         Grades are determined by a point system.  Each assignment will show the points earned and the total points as a fraction.·         Gradesheets are distributed approximately once a week and are available upon request.·         Late assignments will be lowered by one letter grade.·         Assignments with low scores can be revised and turned back in for additional credit.  Tests and quizzes may not be re-taken or revised. Class Expectations ·         Respect all people and property.·         Be Responsible for your own actions.·         Show Readiness by being on time and prepared.