Birthday Celebrations




Dear Montessori Family,


Your child’s birthday is coming soon!  As you know, birthday celebrations in our class are an exciting part of our community.  This time in your child’s life is very important and the memories should follow him/her forever. 


During the celebrations, families make a time line, which tells the special events during each year of their child’s life.  Please work with your child to make this special lifetime memory.  We are asking that you please bring in the time line a week before the celebration.  This allows time for your child to talk to their classmates about their years growing up.  The children in the community may write messages or draw pictures that will be added to the timeline for your child to treasure always. 


Throughout the celebration, we will explore many details of time, history, and how we make up a very small part of our solar system.  Some discoveries will be revolutions, rotations, earth’s relationship to the North Star, lines of longitude and latitude, equator, prime meridian, earth’s tilt, seasons, and other planets.  As your child walks around the sun, (lit candle) you may share special memories of that year. 


If you choose to bring the class a treat, we request that the birthday child donates a gift to the classroom.  This can be a book, plant, pet, etc.  Please view out website for an updated wish listJ  Your child may open the gift and leave a mark in the classroom for many children to enjoy.


We can schedule this birthday celebration.  We usually have our celebrations first thing in the morning or whenever is convenient for you.  Please call me at 933-5638 to confirm or to reschedule.


Thank you,



Mrs. Jen Hisem