February Book Report Rubric

February Book Report:  Mystery Guidelines


Instructions: Your mission is to imagine that your book is being made into a move.  Design a Movie Poster that is PERSUASIVE; you want people to come see the movie.  Be sure to include the main character(s), setting and main event on your poster.  Include a scene or dialogue from the book in the layout of your poster.  You can check out movie posters at one of our theaters for inspiration.  Oh, and don’t forget to write a brief 5-point summary that encompasses all the story elements.  


Remember this project is due no later than Tuesday, February 28th!  We will present on Tuesday, February 28th as well!


Content/5-Point Summary (50 points)  

q       Included the name of my book and author.

q       Included a description of my character(s) and the setting.

q       Include the problem and the solution.

q       Include a detailed reason why I did or did  not like the book. (If there was nothing I didn’t like, I explained why.)

q       Include a detailed reason why someone should read the book or why they shouldn’t.


NOTE:  This written summary should include the actual ending of the story.  Please don’t end with “Well, you’ll have to read it to find out.” Save that for your presentation!


Creativity & Presentation (40 Points)

q       My poster has illustrations and captions for the main character(s), setting, main event, a scene or dialogue from the book.. 

q       My poster represents 100% of my best effort.

q       Present with style (Practice so I don’t just read my poster.  Be sure to be excited and enthusiastic when I present. I’ll try to be like a radio announcer advertising on the radio!)

q       My project uses color, displays my best work and appropriate grade-level effort.   


Conventions/Timeliness/Citizenship (30 Points)

q       I have checked my spelling, grammar, sentence structure, endmarks, capitals and made sure they are correct throughout my work.

q       I will have my project finished no later than Tuesday, February 28th

q       I will give each presentation 100% of your attention by listening politely.


Total ____ 120 possible points