Group Study Rubric and Outline

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United States President/Famous American

Research Guidelines

General Guidelines, Dates and Specifics


Your mission is to research a U.S. President or famous American.  Be prepared to tell us all about him/her.  Here are some hints to get you started.

q       Who is this president/famous American?  Describe him/her, his family, his childhood, his adulthood, his years as president or years he/she was famous.

q       What was he/she famous for?  What drove him/her to become president/famous?  What were his/her accomplishments?

q       Where is he/she from (state)?  Where did he/she go to school? 

q       Why you chose this person?  

q       When he/she was president/famous, what historical events occurred during his/her presidency/celebrity?  What was the time line (time period)?  How many terms did he serve (president-only)?  When did he/she die?  If still alive, what is he/she doing today?

This form must be kept and turned in with your final paper/presentation.


_______          T-Chart:  Create a T-Chart, listing on one side what you know and the other side, what you would like to learn.

                        Due:  1/20/12                (5 points)


_______          Collect resources:  Use at least 3 different types of resources to complete your research (Magazines, books,  atlases, encyclopedia, internet, etc.) You may acquire more as you continue your research.

       Due:  1/23/12       (5 points)   


_______            Take notes

i.   Take notes based on what you research on the internet.

ii. Notes should be checked by an adult as you gather them.

Due:  1/25/12       (15 points)


_______          Organization:   Create your outline and have it approved by adult.

Due:   1/27/12        (5 points)


_______            Research Paper: Minimum of two pages of at least 5 paragraphs.

                        Rough Draft    Due:  1/30/12                       (10 points)

Final Draft      Due: 2/3/12                (45 points)


_______          Bibliography:  Create a bibliography including all of the sources you used to gather your notes during research (Refer to your example bibliography page.)                 

                        Due:        2/1/12         (5 points)



_______          Visual Presentation:  This may need to be worked on both at school and at home.  Have your presentation idea approved by an adult.  Some ideas:  Tri-board, Poster, Photos/drawings (No cardboard projects, please!), Slide Show (8 slides minimum), 3-D replicas, Tour Guide A-Z book.)

Due:  2/3/12         (45 points)


United State President Research Evaluation


_____ T-Chart ( 5 points)

_____ Resources ( 5 points)

_____ Notes (15 points)

_____ Outline ( 5 points)

_____ Rough Draft (10 points)

_____ Bibliography ( 5 points)

_____ Final Draft (45 points)

_____ Visual Presentation (45 points)

_____ Citizenship (10 points)

_____ Total (145 points possible)


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