5-Point Summary Outline


Writing A Summary


Here’s a brief description of a written 5-point summary:

 Paragraph #1 = This is a summary of _____________ (Name of book).  It was written by ____________ (Author’s name). This book was about:__________.  Include the main characters and a description of who they are, describe them-give their characteristics.  Setting - (Where and what time the story takes place or how the story begins.  Remember describe how with descriptive words, don’t just tell.

Paragraph #2  = Sequence - What happened in the beginning, middle and end?  State the problem - What is the big, main problem your character(s) has/have to face? Tell how the problem was solved.

Paragraph #3  = Something(s) I liked or disliked about this book.  Lastly, if you recommend this book and why

 Summary Checklist:

*I do not have ONE HUGE paragraph.  I have a new paragraph every time I write about something else (Hint:  I should have at least 3 paragraphs!)

* I indented each paragraph.

* I had someone other than me read my work.

* I edited and revised my work so that it is my absolute best work!