Civics Per 1-5

Homework Assignments

Date: Assignment:                                      
8/14/17 Parents and students must complete syllabus/information sheet and return no later than 8/18.

 Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge (detailed answers).

 1. How did you feel about your knowledge of government after today’s class activity?

 2. Why do you think learning about government is important?

 3. What does the government do for us?


Choose 10 questions from a the Naturalization Exam handed out today, or go online to make sure to find the answer to at least 10 of the questions. If you are able to, quiz your parents! 

8/17/17  Read and annotate the article that was given to you today. In addition, you will need to write a summary.          




 Bring in colored pencils for classroom mapping activity.




Bring in printed images for your poster.

Bring in markers.

Southeast Region Reading Packet due Monday 8/28!

8/28/17  Bring in Markers
8/29/17  Be ready for your presentations.
8/30/17  Study forms of government graphic organizer. Possible quiz tomorrow.
9/01/17  Complete class worksheet on democracies.
9/9/17  Complete vocabulary worksheet & study for your exam on Tuesday 9/19.