Developing as a professional educator

Growth Goal

My growth goal at the beginning of this year was 

How will I continue to organize and sequence learning activities/tasks in order to promote critical thinking and a deeper understanding of the material presented to my students.

When I first started teaching, I was very reliant on content and materials that were given to me to use from colleagues. This was the first year that I tried to not rely so much on previous material but designing my own material from scratch. I did not do this much in the past but rather mostly modified the material of others. I also placed a bigger emphasis on reading and writing in my lessons. 


When comparing my initial CSTP assessment with my final one, I noticed there was also more growth when it came to collaborating with colleagues. In the past, our collaboration was mainly through discussion. This year, I worked with several teachers to co-teach, co-present, observe, be observed by, and created lessons together. 

In order to sustain my growth, I need to remember to spend time to continue to reflect and set my problems aside for a while. I tend to dwell too much or lose sleep stressing over what I need to still do, how I did on something, and wondering if I will succeed. Mental burnout happens to some educators and causes them to leave the field of education, I will continue to find ways to not let this happen to myself.

Advice to new teachers

Lastly, my advice to new teachers is to not be scared or shy to ask for help. The worst that can happen is a person will say no. I remember in my credential classes, one of my professors told me to beg, borrow, and steal (not literally) when it came to lesson planning. There are numerous resources and people to each out that are usually more than willing to assist and share their knowledge and resources. Do not be scared to ask them for help!