Educational Background

Educational Background


The following is a summary of the coursework completed thus far for my Masters in Education:


Area I-Core

CIS500 Information Systems Decision Making

This course examines the different forms of technology and information needed at various levels of the business environment.  Students are offered real-life case studies and scenarios for which to make recommendations.


EDU500 Theories of Teaching and Learning

This course examines psychology, child development, and brain development in conjunction with ability to learn new material.


Area II-Major

EDU505 Contemporary Issues in Education

This course briefly explains the history of education in the USA and examines current social and legal issues facing the educational system, including globalization.


EDU510 Educational Assessment

This course examines both formal and informal assessments as well as assessment purposes and design.


EDU515 Designing Mandated & Discretionary Curricula

This course discusses the various methods for designing curricula, best practices, and social or historical issues that have affected curriculum development.


EDU520 Education and the Law

By reading case law, students learn the history behind certain educational policies as well as guidelines for classroom behaviors.  Issues addressed include special education, bilingual education, integration, compulsory education, church-state issues, school vouchers, advertising in school, and student groups.


Area III

EDU540 Designing, Developing and Evaluating Educational Technologies

This course examines available technology such as hypermedia, web-based learning, handheld devices, video, and blogs in the context of learning.


EDU542 Integrating Technology into Education

This course examines the way to incorporate various technologies into specific content areas.



BUS100 Intro to Business

This course offers a basic overview of business functions and the variety of business incorporations.  Other topics addressed include quality assurance, marketing, and strategic planning.