Sample Work

Sample Work 

Below, please find links to documents completed in connection with my graduate program at Strayer University.

Affirmative Action in College Admissions EDU520

This is a legal case comparision completed for Education & the Law.

Teaching Bloom’s Taxonomy EDU515

For this course, I was required to design a unit to teach Bloom's taxonomy to K-12 teachers in an under-performing school.

Transforming Alternative Education 540

This document outlines my proposed overhaul of the alternative education system and incorporation of technology into the self-paced packet program.

Large Scale Assessments EDU510

With a partner, I designed a slide-show presentation about the purposes and effects of large-scale assessments such as high school exit exams.

Technology in Adult Education EDU500

This paper exams the under-utilization of technology in the adult-learner sector of public education.