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PVC pipe fittings should be intact, gate and spilled edge should be repaired, so what are the internal control requirements for it? Let's get to know the following:
In terms of bubbles, PVC pipes and pipes meet the requirements of the oven, allowing for tiny bubbles. The length should not exceed 1.5mm, and the area of distribution can not exceed 10% of the surface area of pipes. In color, in accordance with the standard requirements, should be basically the same, matching with the color of the pipe, can not have large color deviation.
In terms of depression, the gate corresponds to  pvc pipe Manufacturers, which allows slight sag under the premise of satisfying the oven's qualification. The depth of the dent does not affect the use and the appearance of the pipe. The maximum limit must not exceed 10% of the wall thickness.
In addition, PVC pipe fittings do not contain a thick wall of impurities. If there is a small impurity on the surface, it is not visible when the visual distance is 0.5m. There must be no visible or excessive visible impurities on the outer wall. If the inner wall does not affect the use, it can be relaxed appropriately.