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English Language Paper 4 (Speaking)


This paper consists of two parts: Part A, Group Interaction; and Part B, Individual Response. Part B will immediately follow Part A. DO NOT write anything on this page.


Part A: Group Interaction

You will be given 10 minutes to prepare. The time allowed for the group interaction is 8 minutes (or 6 minutes for a group of 3 candidates). You may make notes on the notecard provided and refer to your notes during the discussion.

Below is an article from a newspaper of Hong Kong.

Distracted driving killed more than hundred

[Hong Kong Daily] According to the report released by the police department, more than one hundred drivers or passengers were killed by distracted driving last year, and the problem is forecasted to be continued.


Police Department of the city today released ‘traffic safety report 2017’ with analysis of traffic accident. The number of death caused by distracted driving reached a new point of the history. Head of the department expressed his concern about the safety of distracted driving, and recommended drivers not to use their smart gadgets when they are driving.

Distracted driving is the act of driving while engaged in other activities that take the driver's attention away from the road. All distractions compromise the safety of the driver, passengers, bystanders and those in other vehicles.


According to the information above, discuss with your groupmates about a presentation of your school. Your discussion may include:

  • Reasons of distracted driving
  • Current situation of distracted driving
  • Possible effective ways (by different stakeholders) to alleviate/ solve the problem
  • And anything else you think is important


Part B: Individual Response

The examiner will ask you one or more questions based on Part A. You will have up to 1 minute to respond.



How can HKFES help you mark with this paper?

For this paper (and any other Paper 4 – speaking), you are required to upload the video recording to our website so that we can ask our professional tutors to help you mark. The following are the instructions of each section.




PART A: Group Interaction

It will be good if you can upload a whole group interaction (with a group of 3-4) to our website. However, we under your difficulties to group for practice. You can 2 minutes to present for those questions (guidelines to help you discuss).



PART B: Individual Response

You should use up to one minute to answer one of the following question designated for this paper.


  1. What will you talk to your taxi driver if he/ she is using his/ her mobile gadget(s) when he/ she is driving?
  2. Have you ever seen driver used his/ her mobile gadget(s) when he/ she was driving? What was your feeling if there was any?
  3. Do you agree that distracted driving is a serious problem with an increasing trend?