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  • Carbon Cycle Notes
  • Photosynthesis Notes
  • Cellular Respiration Notes
    • Factors Affecting Photosynthesis LAB PROCEDURES
      1. Take a “bunch” or 2 of Elodea plant and cut off 11 3” pieces.
      2. In one beaker, add 2 tablespoons of baking soda (source of carbon dioxide)
        1. Label excess CO2
      3. In another beaker, add boiled water.
        1. Label No CO2
      4. In another beaker, add cold water from the fridge (62 degrees)
        1. Label Cold (62°)
      5. In another beaker, add hot water (87 degrees)
        1. Label Hot (87°)
      6. Take 7 other beakers and add room temperature water.
      7. Place a piece of Elodea in each of the 11 beakers and cover with a funnel.
      8. Place a test tube full of water carefully (without losing the water inside) upside down on the funnel. (See diagram for help)
      9. Label each beaker with the corresponding factor (yellow light, red light, blue light, green light, constant light, constant dark, warm (72°)
      10. Set each beaker up in each of the factors. There should be 11 total set ups.
      11. Measure the initial bubble size at the top of the test tube and record in the data table.
      12. Turn on all lights and let experiment run for 24 hours.
      13. After 24 hours, measure and record the final bubble size.
      14. Calculate the change in bubble size and record this in the data table.

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