Class Syllabus

Welcome to Earth Science

Mrs. Hazel Lammie

Room D-103

Course Objective:  To nurture positive attitudes about Earth science and to develop science skills for real life application. Students will learn concepts aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards.


Fields of Study:   1.             Meteorology                        3.             Oceanography

                                2.             Geology                                                4.             Astronomy                           5.             Energy 


Grading Procedures and Guidelines

Rockdale County Schools has adopted a “Standards-Based Grading” system which advocates that every grade assigned to a student must be reflective of that student’s mastery of a specified curriculum standard. Keeping this framework in mind, the following procedures will be adhered to consistently across all grade levels and standards-based classes at Edwards Middle School.



  • An “assessment” is any grade entered into the grade book that will be calculated into the achievement grade.
  • An assessment must measure mastery of one or more curriculum standards.
  • Students will be allowed to retake an assessment (according to the guidelines below).



  • Students will be allowed to demonstrate mastery by retaking an assessment up to two times.
  • Grades for a retake will be entered in the grade book and will replace the previous attempts. 
  • Students will be allowed to retake an assessment up to ten school days following the original assessment.
  • In order to take a reassessment, students will be expected to engage in re-learning tasks.  These tasks may include making up missed work, completing a homework assignment, attending a tutorial, or other meaningful learning tasks.  If the student does not complete the tasks, s/he may forfeit the opportunity for reassessment.



  • Homework assignments are a critical part of student success and practice is necessary for standards mastery.
  • Students will be assigned homework to reinforce classroom learning.
  • Homework assignments that are evaluated to determine mastery of concepts and skills may be graded as an assessment and can count toward the achievement grade.
  • Homework assignments that are graded for practice completion will be reflected in the Learner Behaviors and Work Habits rating.
  • Homework will be given every Tuesday and Thursday.


Late Work

  • Teachers may assign consequences for late assignments. (e.g., silent lunch, detention)
  • To ensure that the grades in the achievement portion of the grade book are only reflective of standards mastery, points will not be deducted from an assessment due to lateness.
  • Teachers will keep the family portal (parent connect) updated regularly to reflect missing assignments and/or assessments.
  • Teachers will accept missing work up to ten school days following the original due date. After that time, the grade may be recorded as a zero and the assignment may no longer be accepted. Teachers may require a written explanation from the student as to why the assignment is being submitted after the deadline.




The teacher will keep a class set of textbooks in the room at all times. If you would like to access the textbook at home you have three options:

  1. Access the textbook online using Website:, Access code: E7AF46FDA8
  2. Check out the textbook on CD from the science teacher.
  3. Check out a hard back textbook from the media center.


Classroom Procedures:

  1. Bring paper, pencils or pens, and 3-ring notebook to class daily.
  2. Enter class quietly, sharpen pencils, take seat, and begin working on EQ/Sponge activity.
  3. No gum, candy or cell phones in class. ALL CELL PHONES ARE KEPT IN LOCKERS!!!
  4. Students should always have a heading on their papers. The heading should be in the top right corner of the paper. Each heading should have the student’s name, class period, the assignment, and the date.

Example:     Betty Boo

                      Period 4          

                      HW Vocabulary Chapter 1


  1. Respond to questions by raising hand and wait to be called upon.
  2. Be respectful to those around you.
  3. Class will only be dismissed by the teacher and in an orderly and quiet nature.
  4. As you exit the classroom, throw any trash away and turn in any class assignments. 


Classroom Management Plan:

1.  Silent lunch and verbal warning.  No extras (PowerAde, ice cream, etc.) when on silent lunch.

2.  Detention and parent contact via phone call, note, or conduct mark on progress report

3.  Detention and parent contact or conference request

4.  Modified Schedule and parent conference

5.  Office referral

**Students who are severely disruptive or disrespectful may be referred DIRECTLY to the office. Students who choose inappropriate behavior may be excluded from school or team activities.


Science Fair: The EMS Science Fair will take place Friday December 7, 2012.

Students are encouraged to participate independently on a Science Fair Project to be entered in the EMS Science Fair.

→NOTE: All PC students are REQUIRED to participate in the School Science Fair per the PC curriculum here at EMS.


Afterschool Tutorial:

Afterschool science tutorial is provided every Tuesday afternoon from 4:15 - 5:15 and will be hosted by Ms. Hayes in room D-101.

Students should give me 24hr notice of attending tutorial.

Afterschool tutorial is open to all students needing additional help on class concepts or science fair projects. Any disruptive students will be removed and banned from tutorial for a given amount of time. For more information, please contact Ms. Hayes,


6th grade Science Club:

Academic success and rigor are a key component here at EMS. To encourage and continue this academic success and rigor Mrs. Lammie will house the 6th grade science club after school. This club was organized to provide year round opportunities for students to explore science. For more information, please contact Mrs. Lammie,


I look forward to working with you this school year. Please feel free to call or email me anytime.

School number: 770-483-3255. Email: