About the Teacher

Meet Denise Glenn. A native of Norman, Oklahoma and a University of Oklahoma graduate, Denise is a multi-level, multi-certified teacher. She and her husband and son live on Monkey Island, and operate Higher Purpose Park, Inc. (www.higherpurposepark.webstarts.com). Higher Learning Center is an outreach program that Mrs. Glenn is beginning as part of the ministry of Higher Purpose Park, Inc. (HPP). Everything the Glenn's do is non-denominational, including HLC.

Mrs. Glenn is certified with the state of Oklahoma and has been teaching elementary through high school age students in the public school system. She is now branching out and beginning her own learning center (not a school) that will assist students and their parents/guardians in the process of learning. Mrs. Glenn's philosophy is that children can and will learn they just have to have the right environment and the right teacher. Using a hands-on and visual approach to teaching, Mrs. Glenn involves children in their learning, taking the focus off the teaching and on the student-learner. Your child will receive the attention they need and in an environment they can enjoy and flourish in. Mrs. Glenn often uses nature, the outdoors, and movement to teach many of her lessons. These lessons get the children moving and thinking.