Reading and Writing


Our kiddos will be working out of the 6th Grade Wonders program.  In addition, students will also be assigned to a lit group based on lexile range.  Students will meet twice a week to discuss, confer, and annotate plot details.  

Students will have a Wonders reading test every Friday(Thursday if a short week). Tests may be postponed due to a school-wide assessment week or other factors relating to a necessary change to the class schedule.

The weekly test is comprised of the following areas:

*Reading Comprehension

*Vocabulary Usage

*Written response(varies: plot structure, author's purpose, character connection, etc)


*Focus skill(s) of the week



We will focus on 3 main genres of writing: narrative, opinion/argumentative, and informative.  Writing assignments are lengthy. Because of this, receiving the grade may take a little longer.  Each writing style/final product will have a rubric. Overall, students will be graded on how much effort they put into their writing in content, organization, the writing focus assigned, and word choice.  While spelling is important, I look for precision and progress/improvement. Also, students will do most of the writing in class.

In the first couple of weeks, students will be revisiting the flow and order of the writing process.