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Course expectations


Classroom Expectations

Señor Schroeder

         ¡Bienvenidos a la clase del Señor Schroeder!   It is my hope that you will find the study of another language interesting, exciting, and challenging.  The ability to speak another language can unlock doors for you in a way that no other knowledge can.  You will find that studying a foreign language may be frustrating at times, but don’t give up!  By following the expectations outlined below, you can make sure that this year will be a very successful one for you in Spanish.

I.             Arrive on time to class:  Since we will be working from the minute we walk in the door, it is important to be ready as soon as possible.

II.            Be prepared for class:  This includes having homework, materials, and class books.  You are responsible for making sure, before you get to class, that you have all the necessary materials for class.  You must have paper, a pencil, your binder and class books every day.  You should count on having something due for homework for each class, If you finish homework at school, I would recommend that you review current and past grammar and vocabulary at home.  If you don’t understand something or cannot finish your homework, I will expect an email at to help me know when course materials challenge us.

III.         Work hard, play hard:  There will be time in class where you will be expected to pay full attention, and there will be times when I expect you will be enjoying the language through partner practice, games, and other opportunities.  If it is a time for you to be speaking Spanish, please speak and have fun!  If it is not a time to be speaking, it is your responsibility to pay attention and be sure that you understand the material without disturbing your fellow classmates.

Grades will be determined based upon an average of homework, class participation*, quizzes, tests, projects, and presentations.

*Consistent preparation, punctuality, and participation will raise your overall grade.  Similarly, arriving tardy, missing materials, and not participating will lower your Term-end grade.

Dynamics during the class:

¨    I expect to develop a strong team spirit in this class.

o   Support and help each other.

o   Become homework/conversation partners with others in the class.

o   Respect the privacy of grades.

¨    Everyone speaks Spanish every period.

o   After the first day, classes will typically take place in Spanish.  This will create some confusion and take longer, but not using English will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment.  You will learn much more and become much more comfortable speaking and listening to Spanish!

¨    Pay close attention.

o   Listen well…to me and to each other.  There may be frequent unannounced mini-assessments to evaluate how focused and involved you have been.

After class:

Seek out extra help when you need it.

It is vital for you to understand that seeking out extra help and

clarification is your responsibility.  I will be willing to find time that we can both meet to discuss any concerns.  I find that students who take charge of their education tend to do much better in their overall academic careers.

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