Optional Credit Opportunities

If you would like to earn optional credit in Spanish, the list below includes activities that you may do.

 -Study grammar and vocabulary using www.studyspanish.com - follow the instructions on this website to sign-up and earn credit!  If you already have an account, feel free to explore different topics and just email Señor Schroeder once you've completed an extra assignment.

 -Write a brief report about an activity that you did involving Spanish.  This should be no more than a paragraph detailing what it was you did and what you learned from the experience.  Examples include:  watching a Spanish TV program, listening to music in Spanish, having a conversation in Spanish (at a restaurant, etc), playing online games or video games in Spanish, taking Sporcle quizzes about Spanish, watching a movie in Spanish, or anything that involves the use and enjoyment of Spanish.

 -Practice conjugations of verbs.  For help, use this conjugation site to see conjugations.

 -Prepare a brief report on a cultural topic relating to a Spanish-speaking country.  If class time allows, you may present what you learned to your class.

 -If you have another idea for an activity, please see Señor Schroeder for prior approval.